– What people I've worked with have to say about me. –

» After extensive research, we have chosen Reni Meyza and are 100% happy with this decision! She is technically highly competent, has a trained eye for composition and can also draw wonderfully. The positive feedback on our new corporate design is remarkable! We did not expect the new design to pay for itself so quickly. It was a lot of fun to work with Reni! She always thinks positively, is very responsive to people and can easily put on paper, what you describe. Even in challenging situations she remained positive and solution-oriented. In short: She is a beautiful person, with whom working gives much pleasure and afterwards the success waits. «
Malena Medam, Deputy Managing Director and Marketing Manager at Elderberry Bloom Wonder –


» Reni worked with our project team on the idealo merchant website and was responsible for the user experience concept and design. The front-end had to deliver the best possible UX on every important device and got localized through 7 dedicated country versions with (in part) different navigation and content structures. While Reni delivered perfect quality always very fast and on time, it was a pleasure to work with her. Reni has a very positive, open minded attitude and is a perfect team player. Her creativity, user centristic thinking and strong cenceptual skills enable her to deliver outstanding results very fast. I absolutely recommend to work with Reni and am looking forward to my next project with her. «

Philipp Bethge, Head of International Sales at idealo Internet GmbH –


 » Ciaooo Reni :))) I love working with you, you know! :) It would be great if you would like to join us again. You're always in the first row! «

Daniele D'Alia, Head of Brand Design at idealo internet GmbH –


» Reni and I worked together on the re-branding of education platform betahaus | Academy. She did a great job in helping us to figure out what it was exactly that we wanted and needed from a new design. She's analytical, creative, thorough, perfectionistic, and also an absolutely lovely person to have in your team. The CI and web design she created for betahaus | Academy was and still is a great reflection of what we had in mind for it, and it works very well together with the new strategy we've been implementing over the last few months. «

Alice Nell, Content & Brand Manager at betahaus | Berlin –


» Reni helped us conceptualize and design the whole rebrand of our department. She facilitated a workshop and guided us to help develop our brand identity. What I loved most while working with her was that she always took deep interest into the project before presenting any work. She has a great eye on details and understands the importance of a companies vision, voice and values transferred into design. Her designs are tightly connected to our ideas and reflect the bigger picture of our brand. «

Iva Jankovic, Project Manager at betahaus | Academy –


» Reading Reni's brand strategy was amazing! I went through the whole presentation – She just nailed it! Because there were no more words needed, let me just copy my reaction on the logo. »Wow, Reni – Just Wow! I love it! I love the simplicity of the logo. I love the shapes! I´m tremendously happy with what you have done! «

Rahul Soans, Founder of Disruptive Business Network, Melbourne –


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