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T I M E F O R A N E W S T O R Y ?

Tell your brand’s story in a new, more relevant way. Here’s what I do:


 Step 1 – Concept Phase

Discover & Define

Discovering your visual identity is asking questions. Don't give answers until you've explored the questions: What are your values? What are your benefits? What does make you unique? What do your users need? Which colors, shapes and haptical elements reflect your brand best? . . .

Every business is a reaction of a need human beings have. A Business turns into a Brand if its character connects strongly emotionally with your customers. We don't just sell a product to the world. Because life isn't about that. Life is about experience. Let's create the best. Let's create an experience out of your heritage, believes and needs in connection with the heritage, believes and needs your customers have. Let's get in touch and build a valuable connection!

Language and Design carve out your brand identity with words, colors and shapes. They are tools to create a strong character which is easy to identify and recognize. The goal is to get a deep understanding of the business's heart and let that speak directly to the people you want to connect with.

The characteristic attributes of your companys' and your customers' needs come together to build your brand identity. Which exact attributes are that? We filter & focus on the essentials. We define your brand's promise, personality, visual positioning and architecture. We define a charming strategy: content-related & visually. We set up language and create moodboards to carve out your identity with words, colors and shapes. We define the needed haptic elements for all printed products. 


Step 2 – Design Phase 

Design & Develop

Throughout the design and development process I crystalize your uniqueness by transforming the content strategy into design. I visualize what we set up during the concept phase within the world of typography, shapes, colors and interactive possibilities. It's all about the craft of graphic design and web development now to create long-lasting visual systems for both print- and webdesigns.